My Sister

My sister is dying. She’s preparing to leave. I feel in my heart that she will be dissolving into the great Cosmos where she truly belongs.

My sister is dying. She’s preparing to leave. I feel in my heart an inexpressible sadness.

My sister is dying. She’s preparing to leave. I don’t know what it will be like to continue my life without her physical presence on this earth.

My sister is dying. She’s preparing to leave. My heart breaks for her beloved husband.

My sister is dying. She’s preparing to leave. I need to prepare as well.

Hare Krishna

It is You that gives me
the Breath of Life
Hare Krishna

I die to Breathe
one of Your Breaths
Hare Krishna

I give You my Body
I give You my Mind
I give Youmy Breath
Hare Krishna

Breathe the Breath
of Life into me
Hare Krishna

I am nothing but
for Your Breath
Hare Krishna

I am nothing but
for Your Breath
Hare Krishna

There was a time in which I was visited often by Krishna energy. My yearning for his presence penetrated my cells. I understand now that this was necessary for cultivating the energy inside of me as part of the purification process. The Intelligence of the Life Force Energy is beyond the mind's ability to explain. 

There is no love
There is only love
I am You are
We Are Love

I wonder if it is just
that man be devoted to woman
and woman be devoted to man.
Not worshipping the person 
but the bodily container of Divineenergy.
In that it is what holds 
the experience of transcendence.
In this way 
we take care 
of each other
the potential. 

Come out my friend

You are welcome here
There is no shame
or callousness. 
There is only love
and fine tuning.
You are not the enemy
I am my own enemy within.
Nothing about you hates me
It is only my own. 

This was written as I felt old memories arise, filled with shame and guilt. I filled myself with love.


To be Divinely Connected.

To be Fully Expressed in my Divinity.
To fully express my Divinity.
To be Divine.

The deep longing
pulls at my throat.

Every cell in my body
waits in anticipation
for each other to join
like a troop of soldiers
taking back their land.
Coaxing out of fear, out
of stuckness, numbness
out of stubbornness.
Join us! Join us!

We've been welcomed back
Release all your demons.
They have no power now.
You see they are dead.
Dead weight.
The light can come through now.
Filling us back up
with vitality and love.
We are wanted.
We have arisen.
Only to be shed again
into blissful


See the sights
Hear the sounds
Tastes the tastes
Smell the smells
Feel the Life.
Awaken dear Body.
You can arise
with Consciousness.
Exploding into the Cosmos.
No more seeing
No more hearing
No more tasting
No more smelling
No more feeling.
Only Everything.
Only Nothing. 

The whole Universe is inside of you                                             Sounds so cliché.                                                                                  Yet, it’s true!

I’ve seen it                                                                                                I’ve felt it                                                                                                  I’ve experienced it.

The worlds whisper in the winds                                                        The sun fuels our very life                                                                    The rivers cleanse our veins                                                                The earth sings our very song.                                                                                                                                                                                     In rare moments                                                                                      When the time is just right                                                               There are no lines of distinction                                                         You are All.  All is You.                                                       

You cannot force Nature.
Harmonize and be it.
Must be willing 
to live and die
with each breath.

Black crow lands close                                                                              I am not afraid to die                                                                          Look me in the eye.

© Jnana Janani