Expression from the inside.

Jnana Janani

Photo: Ulrike Reinhold

Inner Rising

I've spent the last few years wiping out "Jana". Erasing the programs, conditioning, structures. I feel like I've tried to clean the slate completely, yet there is a core inside of me that is inextinguishable. This is the expression I am encouraging to arise. It can't be wiped away, nor do I want to do so. I won't call it WHO or WHAT…it is just the voice at the core. 

So as I continue to understand how to navigate the Jana that I need to manage my earthly life, I long for the full expression from this emptiness that holds everything. The "piece" that is untainted by Jana, even though Jana is the vehicle in which it rides…like prana and the breath.

This site is intended to be a drop box for self-expression from a place beyond the patterns, conditioning and structures of a personality. Writings from the core of my being, unfiltered for sales, appeasement or pandering.  There is a Truth that resides within this physical structure that is unbreakable, full of strength beyond physicality and unflinchingly knowing. It is also fluid, chaotic, flowing and formless. It is heart-centered. To give it clear expression has proven to be challenging as one must maneuver around the egoic personality that distributes a fearful habitation of unworthiness. It may be hit or miss yet the intention is always pure. What is written here is offered not as teachings or instructions, merely as sharing from this state of Being.

I author this under my spiritual name given to me by my teacher in India. Jnana meaning Wisdom and Janani meaning Mother: Mother of Wisdom. I use it here not under any pretence but in my desire to keep my expression clear, pure and true. 


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